Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Congratulation to my not so little brother for your yet another success.  I know that lots happened in this few months and things must have been hard for you. Sorry that i could not be of much help in your difficult time rather than to just say stay strong and keep going. I am proud that you had the guts to drop your scholarship and rather choose a difficult path to your future.

The journey will be long and tiring but i know you can and you will make it till the last. Topping  in  both 10 and 12 and scoring 2370 of 2400 in SAT wasn’t just a play of luck. You deserve it, the way you work it. We are all proud of you.

There is still a long way to go and i wish you all the luck for the times to come. Someday, it will be harsh, scary and frustrating but pass all with strong heart and will. Keep going strong.

Below be his essay for SAT. Topic: Should be always think before we speak?

thank you for being there for me always.

P.S: Wish you the best always.
love azhim...

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Bunking from hostel and going on a trip unplanned with my besties was once in a life time experience and was damn fun and memorable. In life, nothing should be planned, rather just go with the flow. We just packed our bag pack and got on the bus with no specific plan. Though the journey was long and tiring but for sure was worth.

We felt so much at home that it was sad making the return journey. Though the stay there was short, it was beautiful and will remember for always. And the food there was awesome. Things seemed new but thanks to acho that we learned a lot about our religion. I thought it would be boring but the stories and the history of great beings were a treat to both mind and heart. This helped to know more about our own self and the world around. Thank you acho Tashi for all your help.

And the return journey was a movie like. Have you ever imagined of catching a train while it’s running fast. I did experience and it was scary. What if it went wrong but lucky that nothing bad happened. Nothing same will happen ever and thanks to my awesomely awesome girlfriends for being a great friend. It would be hard to have a trip together again so let’s cherish these beautiful memories for long.

Lucky us that we reached safely without being caught. Promise to go back with my family some day.

thank you!

Friday, January 30, 2015


Since it's my last day at home, i took a walk to look around and remember it for long. I may never come back to this place. A month and half vacation has now come to an end and am sad. It was great holiday with family and for sure will miss them a hell lot.  

I am happy that i took some awesome pictures. I never was much of a photographer but lately i happen to like it more. Someday i would love to own a camera and learn photography. 

The play of color by nature was a beautiful sight. I climbed, jumped, sat to get the right angle but the skill i own is zero. I took lots and selected the best. At the end of the day, am just one happy soul with my amateur work of passion.

Thank you!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


Rarther than siblings, we have been more of friends. We fight about every silly stuffs but still cares the most for eachother. We both aren’t vocal about our affection for eachother so we rarely say “i miss u or i love u” which is common in brother sister relation.

Since little, he was the more responsible and the smarter one of us two. There were times when i thought that my mommy loved him more coz he was always the mamma’s boy but me too was daddy’s little princess [that i still am.. hehe]. I can’t remember a moment when i felt like a big sister to him, instead he was baby big brother to me.

I never have done anything great to him but when he mentioned that i am an inspiration to him, it made me happy to death. Am just curious to ask him how and in what way but still ‘ me an inspiration’ is a big, literally very big thing to me. This little stupid BIG sister of yours want to thank you tons for being with me always and for doing my every little chores.

“ Who is your inspiration and why?
 My main inspiration is the 4th Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk because he assumed the golden throne at a very young age  and had to shoulder a great responsibility as a monarch. My sister also has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration for me.”
     - interview for school website. Heres is the  link if you want to read..

I know he will do his best in life but still i want to make it the bestest of the best. Hope i can still be your inspiration. Thank you Jambay and azhim loves you loads...

Thank you for being my little brother.. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


For most, we are the mere helper but in reality we are the busiest in the hospital. We are everywhere: in wards, casualty, OT, laboratory, literally every nook and corner of the hospital.  It’s tiring to rush from ward to ward to fetch stuffs, following doctors during their rounds, checking and administering medications but at the end of the day, all that matters is the contentment that you get from your work. A smile and a word of gratitude from the patient make me happy.

Dressing all in white, taking an oath to work for the needy make me walk proud in crowd. Being able to put the theories in action gives me hope to do better in the times to come. I have no plan to work my whole life as a nurse but during the time of my working, i want to an efficient and someone of help to others. It hurts when others don’t respect our profession but the worst is we can’t do anything to change that mentality of mass. Got to be strong and keep working for the best of others.

A month and half of clinical posting was hectic but the experience and knowledge gained was for lifetime. I was lucky enough to have company of good doctors, staff nurse and cooperative patients during my practice. I want to grab the most and be an ideal nurse later.

I am looking forward to loving my work.

White the symbol of purity and  sincerity

guide to perfection
moment of happiness with my patient
must in our pocket.

work in black and white