Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 Part II

No human is same, all are gifted differently and have to remember that with gift comes the responsibility. We aren't limited in life, we have potential to do lots in life. For that we all must resolve to build a batter "I". Just don't let your fate rule you instead be the master of your fate and learn to run your own race.

We know what we need to do in order to live happier, healthier and more fulfilling life but the real problem is that we don't do what we know. Instead we spend our young days striving and keeping up with social expectation. Why can't we crave out some time each day to know ourself. Life has bigger plans for us than we can possibly know. Only thing we have to do is put some effort to go in search of it and finally the door we didn't even know existed will begin to open up for us.

One day we wake up and realize that we haven't done what we could have and that day will be too late to do it. So when we have time, lets get started (make a choice, take a leap and rise above all; live for something more than ourself). For most their haunting past stops them. Always know that past is a grave and we should not live our life in a grave. Everyday is a new day so lets change for good. It doesn't take months and years to change our life into good, it's just one right decision that we make in an instant. Stick to it and will evolve into our best self. 

We will always want more than we have and it's not necessary that we always get what we want. Life might be having another plan for us so try to accept and be happy with what life gives us. Never become someone who is not true YOU to reach the summit.  What ever be the reason, tear down the facade YOU and be who you really are. Success lies in being true to ourself and living life in our own terms. We are so busy chasing life's big pleasure that we miss out on the little ones which in real are the true happiness of our life. Learn to live in this little moments because big things in life aren't as beautiful and easy as it seems. 

It's said that the story of our life is written before our birth but still we have the right to edit it on our own terms to make it a beautiful and fruitful life. Always remember that " we are not our thoughts, instead, we are the creator of the thoughts"...... 

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