Wednesday, April 17, 2013

 MIRROR TO OUR OWN SELF: what really is life????

Part I

We know more than ever yet we know less about our own self. Life is such a beautiful journey but our craving for much more than what life has given us makes it worst and short. At the end what we get all is the regret over the life half-lived. Our life is a treasure and we are so much than we know. We cannot discover our inner self being confined in a small world of our own, for that we have to venture into the foreign places of our life.

Dream big dreams and then do whatever necessary to bring the vision to life. Get a purpose to live your life and then work with pride and love ( remember; love is an incredible force for good). Commit from the very core of your life to achieve something great in life. Fear is the primary factor for inauthentic live. Fear is a life draining habit if not careful. To break the fear door, face the fears directly and live the days with courage. Why let our fears own our life when we can over come it. Take risk in life because taking risk is to provoke fear. Better to be lion for a day than a sheep all your life.

In being someone, our once shining souls begin to darken. We become reluctant to listen to the calls of our heart and try new things rather we stick to the old "ME". It is impossible to discover something new without letting go of the old. We have lots to gain and lots to change but before changing anything, first be aware of it because its impossible to change without knowing it. 

Einstein said "imagination is more important than knowledge". All extraordinary acts begin with a dream but one must know how to make it come true. Hard work is essential to a life of real success and fulfillment. One must abandon selfish live for selfless live. Remember that joy comes from giving. But never forget "who you really are" because what is more important is who you have become and the difference we have made. Greatness come from beginning something that does not end with you. Leave your footprints behind so that people will remember you and your good deeds.

Mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master so lead your life from the heart. If we free our mind then everything will come to an end. Our thoughts shape our world and the person we always wanted to be. If our mind is left unattended then it is like an unchained monkey jumping from one place to another without a rest for peace so take time to train it to focus on the good. Quality of our thinking determines the quality of our life.

Let us all go on voyage into the internal rather than on quest for the external. The greatest treasure are the treasure within so let's dig it to the deepest and discover our new and stronger self. Then we will be aware of the things we previously could neither see nor understand.

There will never be a perfect time to live your dreams so why wait for tomorrow when today is waiting for you to start your life for good. Live your life for something more than yourself. Fasten your seatbelt because your life will soar.

" purpose of life is a life of purpose "

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