Tuesday, October 22, 2013


I penned this down when mosquitoes didn't let me to sleep.
all the patients sleeping

Its 2.50 am here and I am wide awake. It’s my first night in hospital (attending a sick friend of mine). Since we are in the casualty and emergency, there are lots of patients with various illnesses. At this time all are sleeping except an old man who is coughing hard all this time and his attending wife. Since no bed is empty, most of the attending are sleeping on the cemented floor and it made me feel cold and tormenting. The doctor on duty was really nice to us. The nurses were sound asleep but the doctor was constantly going on rounds.

Thank you to our seniors for their timely help and the doctor on duty for your generosity. My sick friend and attending friend are sleeping but me sneaking and taking pictures.

my friends sleeping

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  1. That's why we believe a person who attends us when we're sick in hospital is the most dear person. Your photos say these things..