Wednesday, October 2, 2013


When in high school “college” was picture perfect with big and well furnished lecture hall, boys and girls smartly dressed, beautifully presented campus and many more. I too, pictured same but when I reached and toured my college, it was total different. Everything[food, place,people, even the air we breathe] were different from Bhutan. Though I never had issues in adapting to new place, I missed home a lot especially the food because the food here makes me sick.

I don’t know how others feel but for me high school was much better than the college[ am missing my friends dearly]. I wish I could rewind the time and still be that young, energetic student jumping from place to place[I never knew how to walk slowly]. College seems more heavy with six classes each of an hour[9am to 5pm].

What i am feeling and experiencing might be because of me being new to all this stuffs but am looking forward for the good days to come in this four long years of my stay here.

“college” please be gentle to me….


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