Thursday, October 3, 2013


“Nurse” is something I have never imagined to be or considered in my entire schooling years [was never in my dictionary] but it’s what my fate has decided for me. I never had a particular aim “to be” during my high school days and nursing is what I chose when my turn came for the course selection.
I still don’t know why and how am I to live up to this very noble profession because I am total different personality from what this profession demands. Am on my way to finding answers for the tons of question popping in my head and am hoping that at-least I could answer some.

In future, I don’t see myself being that typical good nurse because am known to be the most stubborn, hard, harsh and least affectionate and patient in my family and among my peers. Irony is its BIG NO to all this qualities to be a professional nurse.

The course already started and am doing good but my fear is ‘what if am not able to put those book knowledge in practical?’. There is no way I can change what I have decided rather than to change for good and lead my life being a proud and successful personal in this profession. And I have a good feeling that I can and trust me, I will be one in my years to come.

Who says that one can’t leave the OLD me and be a total NEW me for a good cause.


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