Monday, December 16, 2013

Adiós "18"

Awwww.. Me no more daddy’s little girl now. Couple of hours and then will be bidding farewell to 18. Its my last night of 18 because by 12am I will be a year older than today. I havenot done anything significant in life am already done with quarter of my life that also if I live long. It will be my last year of teenage and then will be an adult soon.. haha its so funny how time pass by because my childhood and teenage years seems like yesterday only. But am decieved by time because am no more that little naughty girl jumping from place to place. Now I got to act and think more maturely and wisely.
Letter to my 18 years old self.

Dear Yangzo,

I want to thank you for those awesomely awesome 18 years and for being so good to me. I will miss U lots. I will always remember what you taught me in those years and hope you will always stay with me as my guardian to protect me from the evil doings. I want you to be my teacher to guide me through this rough path of my life which is waiting for me.

I don’t want you to leave me alone in this world of reality. You have always been good to me and I expect the same in the years to come. I promise to be more wise and mature now. I got to change for good.

Thank you big time

Soon to be big girl

I will miss those crazy yet wonderful 18 years. I welcome 19 with big smile and with lots of dreams, hopes and expectations. TaTa 18.. ;(

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