Sunday, November 9, 2014


Rarther than siblings, we have been more of friends. We fight about every silly stuffs but still cares the most for eachother. We both aren’t vocal about our affection for eachother so we rarely say “i miss u or i love u” which is common in brother sister relation.

Since little, he was the more responsible and the smarter one of us two. There were times when i thought that my mommy loved him more coz he was always the mamma’s boy but me too was daddy’s little princess [that i still am.. hehe]. I can’t remember a moment when i felt like a big sister to him, instead he was baby big brother to me.

I never have done anything great to him but when he mentioned that i am an inspiration to him, it made me happy to death. Am just curious to ask him how and in what way but still ‘ me an inspiration’ is a big, literally very big thing to me. This little stupid BIG sister of yours want to thank you tons for being with me always and for doing my every little chores.

“ Who is your inspiration and why?
 My main inspiration is the 4th Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuk because he assumed the golden throne at a very young age  and had to shoulder a great responsibility as a monarch. My sister also has been a great source of encouragement and inspiration for me.”
     - interview for school website. Heres is the  link if you want to read..

I know he will do his best in life but still i want to make it the bestest of the best. Hope i can still be your inspiration. Thank you Jambay and azhim loves you loads...

Thank you for being my little brother.. 


Tuesday, August 19, 2014


For most, we are the mere helper but in reality we are the busiest in the hospital. We are everywhere: in wards, casualty, OT, laboratory, literally every nook and corner of the hospital.  It’s tiring to rush from ward to ward to fetch stuffs, following doctors during their rounds, checking and administering medications but at the end of the day, all that matters is the contentment that you get from your work. A smile and a word of gratitude from the patient make me happy.

Dressing all in white, taking an oath to work for the needy make me walk proud in crowd. Being able to put the theories in action gives me hope to do better in the times to come. I have no plan to work my whole life as a nurse but during the time of my working, i want to an efficient and someone of help to others. It hurts when others don’t respect our profession but the worst is we can’t do anything to change that mentality of mass. Got to be strong and keep working for the best of others.

A month and half of clinical posting was hectic but the experience and knowledge gained was for lifetime. I was lucky enough to have company of good doctors, staff nurse and cooperative patients during my practice. I want to grab the most and be an ideal nurse later.

I am looking forward to loving my work.

White the symbol of purity and  sincerity

guide to perfection
moment of happiness with my patient
must in our pocket.

work in black and white

Friday, April 11, 2014


1.  RAIN: I love how the sound of rain makes me “dream”.

2.  BUTTERFLY: it always gives me hope. You never know what will happen next.

3.  RAINBOW: I want to be someone’s rainbow.

4. BOOKS: I feel sad when am about to complete a book and i miss when am done reading.

5.  CAMERA: captures every moment for forever.

6.  EIFFEL TOWER: It was and will always be my dream to fall in love in this beautiful place.

7.   BALLOON: it cheers me always. Sometimes, to let go is the best thing.

8.   PEACH BLOSSOM: I want to be as happy and beautiful as a peach blossom.

9.   STARS: no matter what, stars always shine their brightest for me.

10.  MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE: someday someone will know my silent thoughts.

11. DREAM CATCHER: it will soon catch my dream and then my dream won’t be dream for always.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Though am aged enough, a part of me will always be a child. When small, I enjoyed reading and watching fairy tales and I too wished for ” happily ever after” type life but that was just mere innocent kids thought because the world of reality is total different from those in stories. The world seemed so perfect always ending with a love’s kiss. Every girl has her favorite of all Disney princesses and mine is beautiful Belle from Beauty and the Beast. 

Disney princesses

Snow White Snow White is the first and original Disney Princess of its first animated feature film snow white and seven dwarfs (1937). She is beautiful princess born with milky white skin, rose red lips and pitch dark hair. She is woken from her sleeping death slumber by love’s first kiss from prince Ferdinand. She is the youngest of all the Disney princesses’ i.e. 14 years old.

Cinderella: Cinderella Tremaine is the eldest of all the Disney princesses and the leader. Her fairy god mother helps her to attain the ball where she meets and fall in love with the prince. Talking of Cinderella how can we miss her glass sandal (so pretty).  

AuroraThe main character of Sleeping Beauty (1959). She was cursed at birth to die before the sun sets on her 16th birthday by evil fairy Maleficent but a good fairy changes it into deep slumber which could be awakened by love’s kiss. Prince Philip frees her from the curse. 

the title character of The Little Mermaid (1989).  Ariel is a princess in the undersea kingdom Atlantica. She falls in love with dashing human prince, Eric. Her dream of life on land makes her trade her voice to the sea witch, Ursula but it was her cunning trick.

Belle: She is born commoner and is the heroine of Beauty and the Beast (1991). She selflessly trades her freedom for her father to stay with the Beast. Later she learns to see the good hidden behind his hideous look and eventually fall in love with him. Her confession to him breaks the spell placed on him by an evil fairy. Belle then becomes his princess.

Jasmine:  she is an Arabian princess of Agrabah who always dreams to see what’s beyond her palace. She falls in love with title character Aladdin (1992) and later marries him.

Pocahontas she is noble, independent and highly spirited young title character of Pocahintas (1995) which was based on the Native American chief's daughter, Pocahintas. Her real name was Makoaka, since Pocahontas was her nick name and meant ‘playful one’. She falls in love with a man named John Smith

Mulan she is the only Disney princess who is not royal by blood or marriage. However, she has an honour of princess by saving China. Fa Mulan is a brave Chinese heroine of animated feature film Mulan (1998) who dresses like soldier and goes to war. Her love interest was the captain, Li Shang.

Tiana:Tiana is the heroine of The Princess and the Frog (2009) and is the first princess of African American descent.  By kissing prince Naveen in frog form, transforms her into a frog and they are forced to set a journey to undo the spell. She falls in love with the prince, marries him and breaks the spell on kissing.

 Rapunzel: she is the heroine from Tangled (2010).  She was born with long magical hair but was stolen and raised by mother Gothel in an isolated tower. She sneaks away from the tower with thief, Flynn Rider. To free herself from Mother Gothel, she cuts her hair, thus destroying the power.

Merida: she is the princess in Brave (2012). She is the daughter of Queen Elinor. She is reckless with red ginger hair who wants to live life on her own terms. She is the most skilled archer in her kingdom. She also well trained sword fighter and expert horse woman. She is the first Disney princess with no love interest.

Anna: she is a Norwegian heroine of Frozen (2013). She is the younger sister of Elsa. She is free spirited and often acts before thinking. But she the most optimistic and caring person. She sets a journey to free the kingdom from Elsa’s curse.

Elsa:  Elsa the snow queen is one of the protagonist along with Anna in Frozen. She is the first Disney princess to be considered anti-heroine.  Later the bond between the sisters warms her heart and uses her magic for the greater good.


Giselle: she is the young princess of kingdom, Andalasia and main protagonist of Enchanted (2007). She lives in the perfect fantasy world with no emotions like frustration and anger. Stepping in the world of reality makes her stresses and confused for the first time. Over the course of time she learns more about life from Robert. But she still retains her innocence, optimism and kind nature.

Megara: She is the protagonist from Hercules (1997). She is Hercules’s love interest, girlfriend and soon to be wife and the heroine. She is free spirited, independent and quick-witted girl. She plays a heroic part rather than just an love interest making her an atypical Disney princess.

Wendy: Wendy darling is the deuterogamist in Peter Pan (1953). She is an adventous girl who loves to dream and tell stories. Earlier she feared to grow up but later looked up to it. She had feeling for Peter pan. She grows into caring, smart, kind and beautiful woman.

Esmeralda: she is the deuterogamist of Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996). She is fearless with heart of gold. She looks beyond physical looks and is the only person who befriends the deformed yet lovable hunchback Quasimodo. She wants others to treat people like her and Quasimodo to be treated fairly. From three male leads, Phoebus winds up earning her love in return.

 Jessie: she is the tritagonist in the Troy story series.  She is one of the Woody’s best friends and later becomes Buzz Lightyear’s girlfriend. She is an excitable and beautiful cow girl doll. She likes being loved by any other child.

President Vanellope von Schweetz is the deuterogamist of Wreck-It Ralph (2012). She was the central character of video game Sugar Rush. Another character named Turbo hijacked sugar Rush and tried to delete Vanellope’s code. To prevent the change, citizens of the game agree to have glitch race. She is declined to be referred to as princess due to her tomboyish attitude hence called president.

Princesses in olden or creation days

Disney princesses in present day

The above writing isn’t entirely my work. I goggled from various sites to write. 
Thank you.....

Friday, April 4, 2014


My girl friends are one of a kind in this world. They are all beautiful and perfectly awesome friends that one could have to live on. The times that we had spent together were the best of all. Though we too had our dramas like all girl group would have but that too was the part of our crazy yet funny years of our life. Saturdays were always the best because we never missed to do all crazy stuffs which I miss hard today.

Name: Tashi L Dorji
Birthday: 20th August
Her beautiful owl eyes are adored by all (me also). She is the bestest girlfriend that I ever had. She was with me in thick and thin. You can trust her even with your eyes closed. She is such a warm a friend. She was a shoulder to cry on when things weren’t smooth for me. She never failed to cheer me up when I was all down and upset. Her loud laughter still echoes in me.

Name: Dechong R Lhamo
Birthday: September 11
She is one girl that no one should dare to challenge. She has got the attitude and personality to stand firm in the worst of time. Fear and coward are two words which don’t appear in her dictionary of life. Though her words may sound rude and harsh but later its sooths you the most. She is always ready to shield when required. Not to forget her killer dimple which steals the heart of most.

Name: Suname Pradhan
Birthday: 26th of February
She is the treasure box of our group because. She is the cutest with her baby skinned face. She plays guitar and her melodious voice are enchanting to hear. She is the lone helper when we were...(u all know what I meant right). She is someone with whom you can pour your secrets on. She is quite a shy among us. “One” you all remember mosh, the cause of our hard tie with commerce girl when in 11.
Name: Dorji Om
Birthday: July 28th
She is one beautiful lady with classic and elegant look. She would be the so called perfect girl for any boy. No matter what, she got to hold of her food (remember 2011 gi earthquake time). Her art are exceptionally good but I never got one though I always wanted to have one of her work in my collection. She really knows how to play with words with her adverse habit of reading. I adore her for her creativity and use of words.

Name: Manju Gurung
Birthday: 2nd of August
She is the quietest of all. We hardly feel her presence in class but in hostel she is one fun loving girls with her artistic hand. She loves to write books of her memories and draw anime. She is the skinniest and only sport loving girl in our group. She plays table tennis for nationals. We are proud of you girl.

Name: Yeshey Lhazomm
Birthday: August 30th
She, the girlish of all. She loves to look pretty for her boy. She speaks with politeness which we others lack. Her deep dimples look beautiful on her. She is the most fragile (gets hurt very easily) and trust me she really can drink a lot of tea. Love has always been an important part in her life.
Name: me, Tshering Yangzom
Birthday: 17th of December
I am the most stubborn of all. My words are always harsh but i got to say what i always want to. Thanks that my friends understand me. And am the hyperactive always jumping from one place to another. And i am pretty too (:P).

We are all different people but together we are the best. We did all crazy and naughty things but I regret none. Our late night talks were always lame but got to know more about one another. The box room moments will be cherished forever. Thanks you all for being a part of me. Missing you all tons

school picnic 2011
class photo session 2012