Friday, April 11, 2014


1.  RAIN: I love how the sound of rain makes me “dream”.

2.  BUTTERFLY: it always gives me hope. You never know what will happen next.

3.  RAINBOW: I want to be someone’s rainbow.

4. BOOKS: I feel sad when am about to complete a book and i miss when am done reading.

5.  CAMERA: captures every moment for forever.

6.  EIFFEL TOWER: It was and will always be my dream to fall in love in this beautiful place.

7.   BALLOON: it cheers me always. Sometimes, to let go is the best thing.

8.   PEACH BLOSSOM: I want to be as happy and beautiful as a peach blossom.

9.   STARS: no matter what, stars always shine their brightest for me.

10.  MESSAGE IN THE BOTTLE: someday someone will know my silent thoughts.

11. DREAM CATCHER: it will soon catch my dream and then my dream won’t be dream for always.


  1. Nice one! I love most of the things you mentioned there too Tshering :) Keep writing and inspiring!

  2. The sound of rain, Dream Catcher, Message in a bottle, Books and peach blossoms are some of my favorite too. I like how you say that you want to be someone's rainbow. :)

    A lovely post full of positive energy, loved it!

  3. 'Message in a Bottle' by Nicolas Sparks is the one currently M reading. Really interesting. Eager to know what's written in your Bottle too.