Friday, April 4, 2014


My girl friends are one of a kind in this world. They are all beautiful and perfectly awesome friends that one could have to live on. The times that we had spent together were the best of all. Though we too had our dramas like all girl group would have but that too was the part of our crazy yet funny years of our life. Saturdays were always the best because we never missed to do all crazy stuffs which I miss hard today.

Name: Tashi L Dorji
Birthday: 20th August
Her beautiful owl eyes are adored by all (me also). She is the bestest girlfriend that I ever had. She was with me in thick and thin. You can trust her even with your eyes closed. She is such a warm a friend. She was a shoulder to cry on when things weren’t smooth for me. She never failed to cheer me up when I was all down and upset. Her loud laughter still echoes in me.

Name: Dechong R Lhamo
Birthday: September 11
She is one girl that no one should dare to challenge. She has got the attitude and personality to stand firm in the worst of time. Fear and coward are two words which don’t appear in her dictionary of life. Though her words may sound rude and harsh but later its sooths you the most. She is always ready to shield when required. Not to forget her killer dimple which steals the heart of most.

Name: Suname Pradhan
Birthday: 26th of February
She is the treasure box of our group because. She is the cutest with her baby skinned face. She plays guitar and her melodious voice are enchanting to hear. She is the lone helper when we were...(u all know what I meant right). She is someone with whom you can pour your secrets on. She is quite a shy among us. “One” you all remember mosh, the cause of our hard tie with commerce girl when in 11.
Name: Dorji Om
Birthday: July 28th
She is one beautiful lady with classic and elegant look. She would be the so called perfect girl for any boy. No matter what, she got to hold of her food (remember 2011 gi earthquake time). Her art are exceptionally good but I never got one though I always wanted to have one of her work in my collection. She really knows how to play with words with her adverse habit of reading. I adore her for her creativity and use of words.

Name: Manju Gurung
Birthday: 2nd of August
She is the quietest of all. We hardly feel her presence in class but in hostel she is one fun loving girls with her artistic hand. She loves to write books of her memories and draw anime. She is the skinniest and only sport loving girl in our group. She plays table tennis for nationals. We are proud of you girl.

Name: Yeshey Lhazomm
Birthday: August 30th
She, the girlish of all. She loves to look pretty for her boy. She speaks with politeness which we others lack. Her deep dimples look beautiful on her. She is the most fragile (gets hurt very easily) and trust me she really can drink a lot of tea. Love has always been an important part in her life.
Name: me, Tshering Yangzom
Birthday: 17th of December
I am the most stubborn of all. My words are always harsh but i got to say what i always want to. Thanks that my friends understand me. And am the hyperactive always jumping from one place to another. And i am pretty too (:P).

We are all different people but together we are the best. We did all crazy and naughty things but I regret none. Our late night talks were always lame but got to know more about one another. The box room moments will be cherished forever. Thanks you all for being a part of me. Missing you all tons

school picnic 2011
class photo session 2012


  1. You are gifted with such wonderful friends.

  2. One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand and to be understood.

  3. Didn't know about your blog. Its awesome and m proud of u. Missing u guys a lot here

  4. All of your friends are really wonderful and pretty. True friends are the true treasures.


  5. A friend in need is a friend indeed....