Tuesday, August 19, 2014


For most, we are the mere helper but in reality we are the busiest in the hospital. We are everywhere: in wards, casualty, OT, laboratory, literally every nook and corner of the hospital.  It’s tiring to rush from ward to ward to fetch stuffs, following doctors during their rounds, checking and administering medications but at the end of the day, all that matters is the contentment that you get from your work. A smile and a word of gratitude from the patient make me happy.

Dressing all in white, taking an oath to work for the needy make me walk proud in crowd. Being able to put the theories in action gives me hope to do better in the times to come. I have no plan to work my whole life as a nurse but during the time of my working, i want to an efficient and someone of help to others. It hurts when others don’t respect our profession but the worst is we can’t do anything to change that mentality of mass. Got to be strong and keep working for the best of others.

A month and half of clinical posting was hectic but the experience and knowledge gained was for lifetime. I was lucky enough to have company of good doctors, staff nurse and cooperative patients during my practice. I want to grab the most and be an ideal nurse later.

I am looking forward to loving my work.

White the symbol of purity and  sincerity

guide to perfection
moment of happiness with my patient
must in our pocket.

work in black and white