Thursday, May 14, 2015


Bunking from hostel and going on a trip unplanned with my besties was once in a life time experience and was damn fun and memorable. In life, nothing should be planned, rather just go with the flow. We just packed our bag pack and got on the bus with no specific plan. Though the journey was long and tiring but for sure was worth.

We felt so much at home that it was sad making the return journey. Though the stay there was short, it was beautiful and will remember for always. And the food there was awesome. Things seemed new but thanks to acho that we learned a lot about our religion. I thought it would be boring but the stories and the history of great beings were a treat to both mind and heart. This helped to know more about our own self and the world around. Thank you acho Tashi for all your help.

And the return journey was a movie like. Have you ever imagined of catching a train while it’s running fast. I did experience and it was scary. What if it went wrong but lucky that nothing bad happened. Nothing same will happen ever and thanks to my awesomely awesome girlfriends for being a great friend. It would be hard to have a trip together again so let’s cherish these beautiful memories for long.

Lucky us that we reached safely without being caught. Promise to go back with my family some day.

thank you!

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  1. Its a nice place. especially, I feel good to see the Tibetans living happily. at least there if not in Tibet. and like you said it's fun sometimes doing random things without fun :)