Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Congratulation to my not so little brother for your yet another success.  I know that lots happened in this few months and things must have been hard for you. Sorry that i could not be of much help in your difficult time rather than to just say stay strong and keep going. I am proud that you had the guts to drop your scholarship and rather choose a difficult path to your future.

The journey will be long and tiring but i know you can and you will make it till the last. Topping  in  both 10 and 12 and scoring 2370 of 2400 in SAT wasn’t just a play of luck. You deserve it, the way you work it. We are all proud of you.

There is still a long way to go and i wish you all the luck for the times to come. Someday, it will be harsh, scary and frustrating but pass all with strong heart and will. Keep going strong.

Below be his essay for SAT. Topic: Should be always think before we speak?

thank you for being there for me always.

P.S: Wish you the best always.
love azhim...

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